OIKOS is an ‘Italian’ paint company. The foundation of Oikos has embraced a world vision that can be summarized with:

Decoration – Tradition – Environment – Innovation

OIKOS India launched itself over a decade ago in 2003 with its heart of activities in the 2 most progressive and metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi. It has since expanded its operations all across India establishing a comprehensive web of qualified affiliations.OIKOS paints present an infinite artistic pool of colors, textures and special effects dedicated to those who feel the need to express their elegance, style and originality through the coloration and decoration of the spaces that surround them.OIKOS compromises an extensive array of paints (emulsions & textures) for interior & exterior surfaces. It is a specialist in water based protective coatings such as enamels, anti carbonation paints etc. used on substrates such as wood, metal, plastics, brick, stone & concrete.

The Company works with avant-garde technology to create high performance coatings and paints for opulent decoration. The name OIKOS has been synonymous with unmatched quality in this competitive segment of paints and is supported by a level of service and support that is second to none.

OIKOS paints have consistently protected the ECO-system. Ever since 1984 we have amalgamated ‘Green’ raw materials and technology to protect humans and the environment through relentless research & development. As a result it is a market leader for Low VOC (Minimum Toxics) decorative paints and coatings. Our paint is the ‘perfect’ choice for the environment conscious individual as it is for the supporters of green buildings in the advancing construction industry.

With these credentials OIKOS has raised the bar for paints in India and the world and has endured contest graciously growing with consistence. We are proudly associated with projects of high prestige and relentlessly carry the tradition of decoration to the world.

Our vision is the future and our strength comes from our history!
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