ANTICOANTICO ANTICO FERRO (ANTIQUE IRON) by Oikos is a decorative paint solution with a Low Environmental Impact that makes it possible to give surfaces the exclusive aesthetic effects of iron in its many forms.
ARDESIA_LogoARDESIA ARDESIA by Oikos is an attractive solution that reproduces the texture and color of “slate”. This painting technique flaunts the texture and feel that is continually sought after by interior designers and architects due to its ability to bring quality and contemporary elegance to interior settings.
AUREUM_LogoAUREUMAUREUM by OIKOS is a decorative finish with a golden over tone created using lime putty and golden powders derived from the colors of the earth with warm notes from nature. Aureum is a product with regal properties that acclimatizes itself to both modern and traditional settings. Based on the source of light and its angle, lavish reflections of gold light up the wall, giving it elegance with austerity.
DRAPE_LogoDRAPE DRAPÉ by OIKOS is a distinct texture that is the result of classical styles of application to obtain contemporary design. In this way the product brings together the imagination of the designer and the skilled hand of the applicator who by working with his tool, can achieve the finish in colors and styles that are best adapt to the environment to be decorated.
ENCANTO_LogoENCANTOENCANTO is a special, water-based paint whose metallic accents transform according to light change to create illusions of “velvet”. Encanto is the seamless harmony of antique technique and modern production that gives the surroundings a charming and prestigious feel that is impossible to obtain with emulsion paints.
FILFIL FILPOSE is a highly decorative texture finish for interiors. It is formulated in a smooth, light paste that is easy to work with there by reconstructing the classic corduroy tapestry effect.
FINITURAFINITURAFINITURA AUTOLUCIDANTE (PURE LIME FINISH) by OIKOS is the finishing product for interiors and exteriors to be applied on MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS to obtain a glossy “marble” like effect. The product is based on mature lime putty and bonds perfectly with MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS creating a compact layer on the surface that maintains high permeability to water vapor.
GRANADA_LogoGRANADAGRANADA la Pintura Anticada is a paint that unifies colours, contrast and streaks that appear in numerous shades.
IMPERIUM_LogoIMPERIUMIMPERIUM by OIKOS is a metallic, decorative finish for interiors that allows splendid decorative effects like gold and silver leafing in many color options. This paint lends a sense of richness to contemporary settings and is reminiscent of the lavishness of the glorious past.
MARMORINOMARMORINOMARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS is a decorative, vapor permeable, colored lime putty coating for interiors and exteriors. The product allows beautiful decorative effects known as “marmorino”. The thickness of this paint camouflages small imperfections of the wall at once. MARMORINO NATURALE can be either matt or gloss with the application of finishing products as required from OIKOS.
MULTIDECOR_LogoMULTIDECORMULTIDECOR by OIKOS offers a vast possibility to design and enhance the vivid interior of today. A trowel, a cloth, a buffer pad, a spray gun, a brush, a roller, a marine sponge, the imagination of a designer and the versatility of this product allow unique, personalized, decorative effects that can be adapted to suit every environment.
NEVADA_LogoNEVADANEVADA la Pintura Dorada is a decorative paint that unifies colours, contrasts and golden shimmers and brings to the wall an enchanting appearance.
OTTOCENTOOTTOCENTOOTTOCENTO is a vapor permeable coating that due to its formulation based on special metallic pigments, makes it possible to obtain unique decorative finishes in both classic and modern ways. Its principle characteristic is to reproduce the effect of velvet tapestry on otherwise ordinary walls.
RAFFAELLORAFFAELLO RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO by OIKOS is a coating based on lime putty, and is ideal for recreating the classic style of decoration called marble effect. The use of Stucco by OIKOS guarantees maximum vapor permeability and aids the natural diffusion of humidity through wall surfaces thus making it the perfect choice for longstanding wall cladding.
RAFFAELLORAFFAELLO RAFFAELLO MADREPERLATO by OIKOS is an exceptional paint finish that delivers the most delicate and classy expression of “Mother of Pearl”. Based on matured lime putty, the product guarantees its substrate maximum vapor permeability and aids the natural diffusion of humidity through the wall, thus avoiding, over time, the formation of mould and bacteria.
SUPERCOLOR_LogoSUPERCOLORSUPERCOLOR is a highly washable, sanitizing, acrylic paint for interiors, characterized by high coverage, vapor permeability, water repellence and a smooth, matt finish.
TRAVERTINOTRAVERTINOTRAVERTINO ROMANO by OIKOS is a special decorative coating, for interiors and exteriors. The product, which is ready to use, is based on sand, selected marble powders and matured lime putty and presents itself as a homogeneous paste that is easy to apply and through the correct technique, allows the realization of a stone effect that highlights the veins and texture of natural “Italian Travertino” stone.
TRAVERTINOTRAVERTINOTRAVERTINO ROMANO FINITURA by OIKOS is a semitransparent paint for interiors and exteriors that has been created to protect the texture created using TRAVERTINO ROMANO by OIKOS. It has an extremely creative paint that helps to achieve the shades and tones of the veins of natural stone. TRAVERTINO ROMANO FINITURA gives the surface water repellency and washability, maintaining a high level of vapor permeability.
ULTRASATEN_LogoULTRASATENULTRASATEN is a low environmental impact acrylic “Enamel” for interior walls that is available in gloss, matt and / or satin finish. The product is self-expanding in nature, scratch resistant and resistant to abrasion making it ideal for areas of high traffic and movement.
VELDECOR_LogoVELDECORVELDECOR is a semi transparent, siloxanic paint, conceived to achieve decorative “paint wash effects” on exterior and interior walls. Working the product by using a brush, glove or marine sponge by OIKOS, it is possible to achieve impressive aesthetic finishes that recreate the effect of ancient plasters. VELDECOR is a semi transparent, siloxanic paint, conceived to achieve decorative wash effects on exterior and interior walls. Working the product by using the brush, glove or marine sponge by OIKOS, it is possible to achieve prestigious aesthetic finishes that recreate the effect of ancient plasters. Its special characteristics make VELDECOR suitable for prestige buildings and restoration work on old town areas. VELDECOR is applied as the decorative finish of the following products: DECORSIL ROMA, DECORSIL FIRENZE, ARCHITAL, NEOQUARZ, ELASTRONG PAINT GUM and COLOR FINISH by OIKOS, guaranteeing the whole cycle exceptional water repellence and high vapour permeability also preventing the development of mould and algae. It has a low odour level, is non flammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.
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