ARCHITAL_LogoARCHITALARCHITAL by OIKOS is a special smooth and matt finish water based, acrylic paint for exteriors. The product’s formulation combines the durability and resistance of “Quartz” with the special qualities of acrylic resins (good strength, resistance to U.V, outstanding vapor permeability, durable elasticity, weather ability, excellent coverage) and furthermore prevents the formation of mould and algae.
DECORSILDECORSILDECORSIL FIRENZE by OIKOS is a water repellent, vapor permeable coating that offers outstanding resistance in the exteriors. Formulated with quartz powder having grain size of 0.3 mm it allows the achievement of cloudy effect, antique effect and orange peel effect. The product contains siloxanic resins in water dispersion, which guarantee excellent resistance to climatic conditions, leave unaltered the transpiration of the surface, and prevent the development of moulds and algae.
FINITURAFINITURAFINITURA AUTOLUCIDANTE (PURE LIME FINISH) by OIKOS is the finishing product for interiors and exteriors to be applied on MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS to obtain a glossy “marble” like effect. The product is based on mature lime putty and bonds perfectly with MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS creating a compact layer on the surface that maintains high permeability to water vapor.
MARMORINOMARMORINOMARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS is a decorative, vapor permeable, colored lime putty coating for interiors and exteriors. The product allows beautiful decorative effects known as “marmorino”. The thickness of this paint camouflages small imperfections of the wall at once. MARMORINO NATURALE can be either matt or gloss with the application of finishing products as required from OIKOS.
TRAVERTINOTRAVERTINO TRAVERTINO ROMANO by OIKOS is a special decorative coating, for interiors and exteriors. The product, which is ready to use, is based on sand, selected marble powders and matured lime putty and presents itself as a homogeneous paste that is easy to apply and through the correct technique, allows the realization of a stone effect that highlights the veins and texture of natural “Italian Travertino” stone.
TRAVERTINOTRAVERTINOTRAVERTINO ROMANO FINITURA by OIKOS is a semitransparent paint for interiors and exteriors that has been created to protect the texture created using TRAVERTINO ROMANO by OIKOS. It has an extremely creative paint that helps to achieve the shades and tones of the veins of natural stone. TRAVERTINO ROMANO FINITURA gives the surface water repellency and washability, maintaining a high level of vapor permeability.
VELDECOR_LogoVELDECORVELDECOR is a semi transparent, siloxanic paint, conceived to achieve decorative “paint wash effects” on exterior and interior walls. Working the product by using a brush, glove or marine sponge by OIKOS, it is possible to achieve impressive aesthetic finishes that recreate the effect of ancient plasters.
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