Special Paints

BETONCRYLLBETONCRYLLBETONCRYLL IDROREPELLENTE (WATER-REPELLENT) by OIKOS is a special protective coating for concrete with a transparent colorless finish. The product is based on silicone / siloxanic resins in water dispersion which penetrate the substrate deeply and provide a water-repellent barrier to avoid water stagnation on the surface allowing rainwater to slide along the walls preventing absorption and reducing dirt retention.
BETONCRYLLBETONCRYLLBETONCRYLL PIGMENTATO is a unique, colored, high coverage, acrylic protective paint for concrete. The product consists of organic pigments, titanium dioxide fillers and modified acrylic resins in water dispersion that provide a waterproof coating resistant to frost thaw cycle and to the penetration of CO2 and SO2 gases. BETONCRYLL PIGMENTATO prevents the carbonation and the related oxidization of the concrete iron rods.
BETONCRYLLBETONCRYLLBETONCRYLL SEMITRASPARENT is a special acrylic protective coating for concrete with a colored yet semi transparent finish. The product consists of modified acrylic resins in water dispersion that provides a waterproof protective coat resistant to the penetration of CO2 and SO2 gases present in smog and rain, that are today, the worst enemy of concrete because of its carbonation and the consequent rusting of concrete iron rods.
BETONCRYLLBETONCRYLLBETONCRYLL TRANSPARENT is an acrylic protective coating for concrete with a transparent, wet look finish. The product consists of modified acrylic resins in water dispersion that provide a waterproof protective coating resistant to the penetration and subsequent damage from CO2 and SO2 gases. BETONCRYLL TRANSPARENT provides an anti carbonation barrier and protects concrete against the oxidation of the reinforcing iron rods.
CERACERACERA PROTETTIVA (PROTECTIVE WAX) by OIKOS is a transparent protective wax for interior and exterior, formulated for use in connection with NATURAL MARMORINO – PURE LIME FINISH by OIKOS. The application of this wax is mandatory to make the surface water repellent, non-yellowing, and resistant to cleaning and rubbing making it fundamentally recommended for all exterior applications.
CERACERACERA PER RAFFAELLO (CERA WAX) by OIKOS is a distinct protective product specifically created for Raffaello Décor Stucco and Raffaello Madreperlato by OIKOS. It is made up of waxes with linear molecular chains in water solution and special additives that make the surface treated with it waterproof, non-yellowing and resistant to wiping.
ILILIL PRIMER is an infilling, adhesive primer, ideal for rustic plasterwork, civil plaster, gypsum plasters, alkaline surfaces, loose and crumbling plaster, old wall surfaces and highly porous substrates in general. The product permeates deeply, consolidating the surface enabling easy anchorage of lime based products, old style stucco, screeds, paint etc.
NOVALISNOVALIS NOVALIS FERROPROTETTIVO (IRON PROTECTION) by OIKOS is a 100% acrylic, transparent, protective coating for metal surfaces. It is non-yellowing, scratch resistant, water repellent and washable. It is ideal to protect NOVALIS IRON FINISH by OIKOS from wear and dirt.
NOVALISNOVALISNOVALIS FERROMICACEO (IRON FINISH) by OIKOS is a special enamel created with acrylic resins and “mica” pigments that give the treated surface an aged, wrought iron finish. The tile structure of these mica pigments creates a barrier against atmospheric agents and U.V. rays thus avoiding the deterioration of the substrate. It is highly recommended in environments with aggressive climates and it is ideal for the protection of gates, railings and urban fittings.
NOVALISNOVALISNOVALIS SMALTO (UNIVERSAL ENAMEL) by OIKOS is a low environmental impact, acrylic, enamel for exteriors and interiors, suitable for use on all types of surfaces: Iron, wood, zinc sheets, PVC etc. It adheres well to the surface and dilates to give excellent coverage and at the same time is highly resistant to abrasion and washing.
PITTURAPITTURALIME PAINT VERONA by OIKOS is a mineral paint for interior and exterior, formulated with mature lime putty that gives a smooth and matt finish. It is ideal for the restoration of prestigious buildings of historical importance where the ancient style of painting has to be maintained or proposed. LIME PAINT VERONA by OIKOS confers to the wall a warm appearance with tones typical to the ancient style of decoration with lime products.
STUCCOSTUCCOPASTE SCREED FOR WALLS is a ready to use screed, formulated with special resins and inorganic pigments.
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